European Intelligence
and Security Informatics Conference (EISIC) 2012
August 22-24, 2012
Odense, Denmark

The Premier European Conference on Counterterrorism and Criminology

EISIC 2012 Keynote Speech

Professor Hsinchun Chen

"From Dark Web to GeoPolitical Web: Exploring the Value of Social Media Informatics"

Dr. Hsinchun Chen
Director, Artificial Intelligence Lab,
University of Arizona



This talk will summarize the University of Arizona Artificial Intelligence Lab's Dark Web research and discuss current and future development of a new GeoPolitical Web research program, which aims to study the emerging geopolitical events using advanced social media analytics techniques. The GeoPolital Web project is collecting longitudinal multilingual social media contents (forums, twitters, videos) from many different volatile regions in the world. Selected sentiment analysis, text mining, social network analysis, and econometrics models studies will be presented.

Dark Web research has received significant international press coverage, including: Associated Press, USA Today, The Economist, NSF Press, Washington Post, Fox News, BBC, PBS, Business Week, Discover magazine, WIRED magazine, Government Computing Week, Second German TV (ZDF), Toronto Star, and Arizona Daily Star, among others. For more Dark Web and GeoPolitical Web project information, please see:

Hsinchun Chen, Ph.D. (Biosketch)

Dr. Hsinchun Chen is McClelland Professor of Management Information Systems at the University of Arizona. Dr. Chen is a Fellow of IEEE and AAAS. He received the IEEE Computer Society 2006 Technical Achievement Award, the 2008 INFORMS Design Science Award, the MIS Quarterly 2010 Best Paper Award, and the IEEE 2011 Research Achievement and Leadership Award in Intelligence and Security Informatics. He is author/editor of 20 books, 25 book chapters, 230 SCI journal articles, and 140 refereed conference articles covering Web computing, search engines, digital library, intelligence analysis, biomedical informatics, data/text/web mining, and knowledge management. He is Editor in Chief (EIC) of the ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems (ACM TMIS) and Springer Security Informatics (SI) Journal.

Dr. Chen is founding director of Artificial Intelligence Lab and Hoffman E-Commerce Lab. The UA Artificial Intelligence Lab, which houses 20+ researchers, has received more than $30M in research funding from NSF, NIH, NLM, DOD, DOJ, CIA, DHS, and other agencies (90 grants, 40 from NSF). Dr. Chen's COPLINK system, which has been quoted as a national model for public safety information sharing and analysis, has been adopted in more than 3500 law enforcement and intelligence agencies. COPLINK research has recently been expanded to border protection (BorderSafe), disease and bioagent surveillance (BioPortal), and terrorism informatics research (Dark Web), funded by NSF, DOD, CIA, and DHS. Dr. Chen is the founder of the Knowledge Computing Corporation (KCC), a university spin-off IT company and a market leader in law enforcement and intelligence information sharing and data mining. KCC was acquired by i2, the industry leader in intelligence analytics and fraud detection, in 2009. The combined i2/KCC company was acquired by IBM in 2011 for $500M.